Amit Kapur, Joint Managing Partner, J Sagar Associates

Amit Kapur, Joint Managing Partner, J Sagar Associates

“To actualize the ambitious targets set out for investments and employment generation through the National Infrastructure Pipeline, overcoming the challenges posed by COVID I would like the Budget to set out a clear policy track for infrastructure development covering

  1. Create a facilitative environment by effective implementation of the Kelkar Committee recommendations on reviving PPP in particular
  • Establish 3PI to bring robust bid process, fair contractual design and contract management and enforcement.
  • Resolve credit risk for payments by state owned enterprises and provide for risks of changing laws (like climate change and environment protection laws, tax laws) and force majeure.
  • Implementing the Specific Relief (Amendment) Act 2018 by establishing special courts for fast track dispute resolution in PPP projects.
  1. Nudge energy transition through climate change by establishing carbon markets, ancillary services markets which would fund climate transition by pricing the positive externalities of eVs, battery storage and grid stability.
  2. Secure cheaper long-term finance for infrastructure assets by relaxing investment restrictions through IRDA, PFRDA, sovereign wealth funds, funding and strengthening the National Bank for Financing Infrastructure & Development, establishing a robust bond market”


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