Mr Rajesh Mittal, Managing Director, Greenply Industries

Greenply Industries Limited

1. Continuing with the thrust on make in India the govt should also incentivise capacity expansion in existing industries which can go a long way in boosting capital investment and generating employment. Similarly in the Middle-East plywood is the second most imported item but Indian players are not able to compete with China, Vietnam in this market. Incentivising plywood exports can go a long way in establishing a much needed export market for Indian plywood.

2. Most of our dealers are partnership firms with a tax rate of 30% whereas corporate tax for companies with turnover of upto 250 crores is 25% only this anomaly needs to be corrected and will benefit a majority of plywood dealers and go a long way in making the sector more organised. The reduction of GST from 28% to 18% has been a great booster.


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