Mr Sunil Rallan, Chairman and Managing Director, J Matadee Free Trade Zone

Mr Sunil Rallan

We are delighted with the government’s decision to allow all notified SEZs to operate as multisector SEZs. We urge the government to leverage SEZs to attract FDI in the Manufacturing Sector, furthering government’s Make in India initiative. With the creation of state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, we hope a provision will be made to permit SEZ units to undertake subcontracting work from units in the Domestic Tariff Area. Manufacturing Services should be given the required impetus to keep up with the pace of changing technologies by the government and in turn assist in job creation. We expect the government to revise full import duty on manufactured goods supplied to the domestic market from SEZ units. Duty/tariffs levied on the “duty forgone principal” would make manufacturing units suppling the DTA competitive, boosting investment and job creation. Also, single window clearances will pave way for the SEZs to ride the new growth wave in the country. We expect the government to let SEZs harness technology and low-cost services to provide efficient and superior-value services, become hubs for global businesses and boost exports in the coming years.”


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