Mr Virendra D Sanghavi, Managing Director, Aarvi Encon

Virendra D Sanghavi

“Our sector is involved in Supply of Manpower to various organizations for their short term need. So they do not have to undergo long process of interview, selection, appointment & lay off. It also helps to get talented staff at a short notice and at economical rate.

We expect that Govt. departments also start taking advantage of this sector instead of permanent hiring.  We have been noteworthy charge in various Govt. companies like HPCL, BPCL, Gujarat Gas, etc.  But that is not prevalent in all companies as their HR Department feels that their power is curtailed.Our sector also suffers on most of Govt. companies want to give lowest bidder, instead of value analysis to select best suitable vendor with proven competence.

All most all clients do not pay any interest to MSME delayed payments for outsourced staff.  Some Code of Conduct and fear to be established by SEBI and Finance Minister can direct SEBI to make such rules. Food & Housing at remote locations where refineries are situated is a big problem for outsourced staff.  Some schemes of lower value housing shared be made compulsory for such projects as they spend on their permanent staff.  This will attract and retain qualified & experienced technocrats at remote locations. Along with large Refineries, Petrochemicals plants it is essential to plan for local Schools, Hospital and encourage Hotel establishment. Present Labour License implication / rules are very clumsy. Time concerning and non productive.  It engages high degree of corruption and forces good companies to withdraw from supply of competent staff.”

About Aarvi Encon Limited:-

Aarvi Encon Limited (formerly known as Aarvi Encon Private Limited) is a leading technical Manpower outsourcing company providing engineers, designers, on secondment/deputation to companies, dedicated to the energy sector that provides Construction Jobs, Inspection Jobs, Design Engineer Jobs, Designer Jobs, Drilling Jobs, Engineering Jobs, Environmental Jobs, Geosciences Jobs, HR and Recruitment Jobs, HSE Jobs, safety jobs, Maintenance Jobs, shutdown Jobs, Management Jobs, Marine Jobs, Oil and Gas Jobs, Procurement Jobs, Production Jobs, Project & Control Jobs, Technical Jobs, Pipeline Jobs, Refinery Jobs, Offshore Jobs, Petroleum Jobs, etc.


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