Mr Deepak Goradia, Vice Chairman and Managing Director, Dosti Realty, and President CREDAI MCHI

Deepak Goradia- Vice Chairman and Managing Director, Dosti Realty

“The first budget of the decade has raised the vision of an Atmanirbhar Bharat with huge impetus and spending on Infrastructure – key to creation of jobs and reviving the economy in the Post COVID area. The 1 year extension to Rs 1.5 lacs tax deduction on homebuyers’s loan for Affordable housing units along with Tax incentive for Affordable housing developers is welcome by the Realty industry. This will continue to provide support to accomplish the ‘Housing for All’ mission. The Tax simplification on Dividend income to REITs and INVITS will help mobilise in new resources for new projects. We hope there are additional sector specific measures to support / boost towards the Indian Realty sector.”


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