Mr Kshitish Nadgauda, Senior Vice President | Managing Director – Asia, Louis Berger

Kshitish Nadgauda

“Continued planned investment in transportation infrastructure including roads and highways, aviation, urban metro rail and highspeed intercity rail is a welcome step. The nation’s economic development and growth is heavily dependent on robust infrastructure, and it is thus commendable to see the sustained impetus through announcements made today by the Honorable Finance Minister, Ms. Nirmala Sitharaman.

However, special attention needs to be paid to both design and construction to boost safety and quality, building world-class transportation facilities. This would also bring the overall life-cycle costs down for these projects. Along the 9,000 km economic corridors, new townships/nodes should be developed to create economic growth centers that would stem the flow into existing major cities.

Of the total 1.7 lakh crore allocation for the transport infrastructure, there needs to be a significant outlay for urban transportation infrastructure covering public transportation facilities (metro rail, light rail, trams, urban roadway interchanges, bus transport). Adequate focus should also be on improving the quality of life of daily commuters in urban centers by providing safe and efficient feeder networks and enhanced pedestrian facilities including wide sidewalks, landscaping and public conveniences.

Overall, the budget is a step towards a strong, healthy and prosperous India having a positive long-term impact on the economy.”


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