Mr. Ratul Puri, Chairman of Hindustan Power


We appreciate the Union Budget’s vision of the power sector as enabler of the common man’s access to the benefits of infrastructure development. This can be seen in the provisions for electrification of 4000 km of existing railway lines, bringing 4 crore unconnected homes to the electricity grid at an outlay of Rs. 16,000 crore, and providing LPG connections to 8 crore women. We look forward to the power sector focusing not only on the reach of solar power, but also its quality and accessibility.

The budget also strengthens the government’s focus on sustainability and reduction of subsidies, through utilization of agro-waste to CNG and biogas, and a renewed focus on solar electricity pumps. A lot of focus has been given to rural income generation, import duty increase should also create demand for Indian growth.


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