Mr Shishir Thakur, Co-founder, Cranberry Analytics

Shishir Thakur, Co-founder, Cranberry Analytics

Cranberry Analytics works with water utility companies and uses both on-ground and online tech solutions to map water use and water efficiency across its distribution and consumption cycle. Their primary focus is on getting water utilities (most of which are state run and use tax-payer money) to reduce cash burn and eventually turn cash-positive.

Shishir’s foray into water measurement began when he and his fellow-founders were slapped with an unusually steep water bill. After much unsuccessful running around to get the bill rectified, Shishir along with Onkar Gauridhar and Amit Deshmukh co-founded Cranberry Analytics in 2011 to address issues around water billing, collection and measurement.

Under his leadership, Cranberry Analytics has enabled the Water Supply Department of Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation to improve water efficiency across its distribution and consumption cycle as well as a substantial growth both in revenues and profitability.

After starting Cranberry Analytics (known as Cranberry nx in its earlier days), he was instrumental in the development of all applications and frameworks single handedly while being involved at each step of development in full capacity.

Along with being a technology enthusiast, Shishir is also a keen traveller, having travelled across most of India on his bike. He has also co-created and co-founded TROT, a mobile app that allows users to share their places and travel stories with the world.

Besides being a passionate entrepreneur, Shishir is an obsessive consumer of various media on philosophy, psychology and technology. He also dabbles in visual arts like painting and film making.

Concerned by the looming crises of fresh water, Shishir is looking to scale Cranberry Analytics into a company that offers water measurement and management solutions across the country and beyond.


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