Mr Srinivasan Gopalan, CEO, Ozone Group

Ozone Group

(A sixer budget)
1 lakh crore worth relaxation to the NBFCs is a quick corrective remedy to pump in enough liquidity. The move will help the NBFCs to overcome the current crisis and will bring much-needed relief to the real estate sector as the liquidity crunch issue will be addressed. This will bring more funds into the sector resulting in faster completion and timely delivery of the projects. This, in turn, will lift buyers and investors sentiments in the sector.

Sanction of 100 lakh crore in India’s infrastructure is a thoughtful move. The sanction will boost the infrastructure in the country thereby giving much-needed support to the real estate segment. Mumbai’s unprecedented growth in the areas of infrastructure and increased connectivity in the last 5-10 years towards connecting different parts of the city has resulted in a demand for housing largely.


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