Mr Subhankar Mitra, Managing Director, Advisory Services, Colliers India

Subhankar Mitra, Managing Director, Advisory Services, Colliers India

“The total effective Capex spend by the government is about 10.7 lakh crore. There is an emphasis on PM Gati Shakti mission which is targeted towards improving connectivity and logistics infrastructures of the country. On the Reform side most significant shift is towards City Planning. The budget emphasizes on modernization of Building By laws, Digitization of land records and also enabling registration of properties of any location. The budget casts its attention towards training and development of urban planning practice by ways of setting up six centre of excellence with budgetary support. Since land is mostly state subject , hence a special interest free loan for 50 years is offered to the state government who would participate in the reform process announced by the central government. It is expected to incentivise the state governments to collaborate with the centre to fast track the reforms.

Budget is also focuses on encouraging digital drive and fintech. The issuance of digital currency by the RBI and by brining Data centre in infrastructure category is expected to boast the fintech and digital drive of the nation. Setting up of International tribunal in GIFT city will help corporate sector to address any disputes in cost effective manner, it will also help in promoting India as an attractive investment destination.

The Budget is focused on the futuristic technological shifts, it also attempted to ease of doing business, encouraging private sector investments and job creation.However, there is not much of focus on the consumption side. Nothing significant in the proposal to boost discretionary  spend at the household level, which could boost sectors like retail, hospitality, F&B, leisure and entertainment”.


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