Mr Suramya Nevatia, CEO, Hind Rectifiers

Suramya Nevatia_

“One of the key highlights of the Union Budget 2019-2020 is emphasis on Indian Railways and infrastructure. For our economy, connectivity is an indispensable factor. With regards to the programme, heavy investment efforts were evidenced in SPV structures such as RRTS and proposed on the Delhi – Meerut route. Furthermore, PPP initiatives as well as TOD were encouraged and completion of sanctioned works/projects were emphasized. These projects would ensure more freedom for passenger trains in the existing railway network.

The Government has given a massive push to Indian railways by shedding light that an estimated investment of Rs. 50 lakh crores is required between 2018-2030. The proposal that a public private partnership (PPP) be used to unleash faster development and delivery of passenger freight services for railway projects will boost connectivity”.


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