Mr Vishnu Sudarsan, Partner, J. Sagar Associates

Vishnu Sudarsan, Partner, J. Sagar Associates (JSA) on Finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman announcement on the GATI SHAKTI for 2022-2023 in Parliament

“The bug bear of cost overruns and time overruns synonymous with Indian infrastructure may be arrested through an integrated approach on planning and coordinated implementation of infrastructure connectivity projects in the form of Gati Shakti touching upon energy transition, climate action, logistics and connectivity. The initial allocation of Rs 20,000 crores for the 100 lakhs crores is laudable and is a measure much required.  However, it remains to be seen how the implementation of the funds and progress on projects for infrastructure will be digitally enabled and monitored for removing infrastructure delivery bottlenecks. Amongst others, the siloed approach and environmental challenges have been the key reason for slow pace of implementation, but National Infrastructure Pipeline provided the initial building block for reviving the energy and infrastructure in India. Integration and updation of National Infrastructure Pipeline with Gati Shatki with real time updation on infrastructure projects will boost investor confidence, and rev up the private sector participation.” – Vishnu Sudarsan, Partner, J. Sagar Associates (JSA).


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